If you're feeling drained from the constant demands and pressures of the day, or are looking for a quick "pick me up" to lift your spirit and inspire your day, then these podcasts are for you.

On this page you'll find a wide variety of spiritually feeding material; from inspirational and motivational stories and anecdotes, to words from Jesus specifically from His heart to yours on topics that relate to your daily life, to articles covering Bible predictions of the soon-coming future. There is even something for kids: dramatized stories that instill good morals and character.

Based on publications created by The Family International, these are all short and easy listening. So pick a podcast, or several, that fit the needs of your soul and spirit, and then sit back and enjoy!

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From Jesus with Love
From Jesus with Love is full of words of comfort and advice that can help see you through life's problems. Its author is Jesus. Find out just how much He loves you, and learn the secrets to success--in life and with others.
Night Light
A Christian radio program hosted by Simon Peterson which includes music interspersed with personal stories and anecdotes on a variety of subjects.
Connection through Meditation
Take a deep breath as you close your eyes and listen to these comforting words from Jesus, accompanied by a few moments of soothing instrumental music. These messages, read by Maria Fontaine, will lift you to a higher plane and spiritual dimension which will leave your spirit feeling refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated. Get the strength you need to better face life's challenges.
Activated: Refresh and Refocus
Short articles taken from the writings of David Berg and Maria Fontaine on a variety of topics that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and refocused on life's true priorities and give you the insight that you need to lead a happier and well-balanced spiritual life.
Activated: Gaining the Extraordinary from the Ordinary
People from many countries and walks of life share their stories and experiences on a variety of topics.
Activated: Know Your Future
Detailed discussions of Bible prophecies in relation to current events, and insights into our soon-coming future.
Activated: Parenting Is Love
Parenting can be one of the most thrilling, rewarding experiences of life, yet present you with some of the greatest challenges you will ever face. This podcast features personal stories, practical tips, techniques, and helpful information on how to raise children with love and integrity in today's world.
BiblePod (by Simon Peterson)
Listen to the reading of Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and the four Gospels by Simon Peterson, a gifted orator and speaker, who brings the scriptures to life through his expressive narration.
Short motivational stories and anecdotes that will cause you to reflect on the things in life that are truly important and of lasting value.
Daily Might
Brief power-packed inspirational readings for every day of the year with practical pointers to help you meet life's challenges. Includes encouragement, comfort, spiritual refreshment--the extra boost you need to make the most of every day!
Daily Praise
If you're looking for more optimism and happiness in your life, partake of the uplifting and refreshing benefits of directing praises to the Lord through these conveniently short prayers of praise. Praise can make a vast difference in your outlook on life, as well as your relationship with God.
Grandpa Jake's Storybook
These dramatized stories that Grandpa Jake relates to Tristan and his friends are designed to keep children’s attention, while instilling a foundation of good behavior and positive interactions with their peers.